Saturday, August 4, 2018

top 10 the best free tool to use to verify emails

 it’s simply the best and has the richest data-set of returned information to make actionable decisions on. It also comes with an easy to use API.

If you try this service out you’ll switch from whichever company you’ve been using in a heartbeat or less.

What makes this company different is all the different besides the accuracy rates is features it includes, you might find some of these features at a few places, but no company offers all of them at once and for the PRICE it’s unbeatable:
  •     It has built in Abuse Detection - Meaning it will flag emails addresses known for clicking the spam button.
  •     It has spam trap detection - Contrary to popular believe that all spam traps are not detectable. It’s simply untrue, there are many spam filters that will auto-reply that the email is a spam-trap and you email it again, you’re blacklisted.
  •     Data Appends - This is amazing, they will tell you the first name, last name, and gender for the majority of your emails - What other company does that?
  •     IP Location - If you upload the IP address, it will append the location the email was captured from.
  •     Disposable/Temporary Email Detection - If an email is a temporary email address it will tell you, those are not worth mailing too.
  •     Catch-All Detection - Meaning the email address can be good/bad - these addresses will always verify as valid.
  •  Do Not Mail - Role based emails and emails from spam companies fall into this category.
    API - You can interface with their API and do validations from your registration screen. 


QuickEmailVerification is one of the leading bulk email verifiers that offers online email list cleaning using real-time verification, REST API and batch processing. They are extremely popular in the USA, UK and the rest of the Europe because of their accuracy (over 97%), speed (about 200k emails verified in under 3 hours) and competitive fees.

  •     Cost  Fees begin at $4 for 500 credits (1 credit = 1 email verification) and then drops sharply with increasing volume. Can go as low as $0.0005 per email for monthly plans. One-time plans are also available.
  •     Free Trial Offered? Yes, cleaning of 100 emails per day is free of cost. You don’t need credit cards to sign up and use their free email verification credits.
  •     Real Time Verification through API?  Yes, response is immediate, almost in less than a second.
  •     What formats do you accept for uploads?  .xls, .xlsx, .ods, .csv and .txt formats
  •     What format is available to download results?  .csv
  •     Provide Custom jobs?  Yes, please contact their support team.


The first one on the list is MailGet, which is one of the cheapest email list cleaning service present in the world today. The best thing about MailGet is that the subscriber’s list cleaning is a one-click task.

MailGet list cleaning tool checks the email address by its domain, MX validator, domain validator, DEA checker etc, and presents a list of email address, with any spam, bounce or undeliverable case. So, get your emails deliver to the customer’s inbox and increased the rate of conversion with MailGet. 

  • Pricing

The software has various pricing plans among which we have displayed the lowest and the highest pricing plans.

The smallest plan is of $4 where the list of 1000 emails can be cleaned up, similarly, 5000 subscribers list can be verified for $12, 10,000 for $20, these were the lowest range plans.

The highest in the range are 2.5 Million emails for $1100, 5 Million for $1699, 10 Million for $2899.


It is yet another top email validating service where you can safely verified all your emails quickly. No need to install the service, just log in and upload the email list, and the service automatically start removing all the dead emails from your subscriber list. 

  • Pricing

It has two verification plans, one for monthly emails, and other is based on the number of emails you verified. It charges you $75 for validating 15,000 emails.

You can also go with the monthly plans where you are allowed to validate 4000 emails daily for 2 months with a price of $79. 


Wednesday, August 1, 2018

10 free PC programs every gamer should have?

This may or may not add up to exactly 10, we’ll see when it’s done

1.) F.lux: A program that ‘warms’ up your screen at sunset (It knows where you are and when sunset is.) If you don’t know, blue light that comes from screens is actually pretty harmful for your eyes late at night when there is less ambient light around you. This gets rid of that blue light and is VERY comfortable for long gaming sessions at night. My only complaint after using it for around 2 years is that if you’re in the middle of a game when sunset occurs, sometimes when the screen is warming up the frame rate drops drastically for a few seconds while it is in the process of doing so.


Steam is a digital distribution platform for video games developed by Valve Corporation that offers digital rights management, multiplayer servers, video streaming, and social networking services.This one seems obvious; Steam is the best place to buy games on a PC and is pretty much a must-have.


While Discord is technically aimed at gamer, it’s evolved into a hub for all sorts of people. Discord is a voice, video, and text chat that started out as ‘Skype for gamer’ but has become much more. It’s almost certainly the best chat platform on a computer.

Ge-force Experience

GeForce Experience is an optimization/recording/streaming software created by Nvidia, one of the leading graphics card manufacturers. It automatically detects games you have installed and lets you optimize them with one click, saving you the time of scrolling through the game settings to find what works. It keeps track of your graphics card drivers too, and updates them when needed. It also has a feature I especially like called Shadow Play. Shadow Play is a recorder that is always running while you’re in game, but only has the last 30 seconds stored at any time. This means that when you do something cool in game or something funny happens or… anything noteworthy, really, you can just press a button and it will automatically save the footage.

Any peripheral software

By peripheral software, I mean anything relating to your keyboard, mouse, and headset. The reason I didn’t specify just one is because most companies have their own specific software, the most popular being Razer Synapse, Logitech Gaming Software, and Corsair Utility Engine. They allow you to set custom macros and shortcuts, download drivers, change lighting, and much more.

MSI Afterburner 

MSI Afterburner lets you overclock your graphics card easily, and is probably the best software around for doing it. Even if you aren’t planning on doing serious overclocking, it’s still a good monitor since it comes with Riva Tuner, which allows you to keep track of your system temperature and usage while in game.

Clownfish Voice Changer

It’s a voice changer; not much else to say. I know it’s not specifically gaming related, but it comes in handy. Mostly good for messing around, which is something all gamer can appreciate.

Nexus Mod Manager

NMM allows you to download mods for a huge selection of games, and it does it fairly effortlessly. Especially useful for Bethesda games like Skyrim and Fallout, but there are many more included. (GTA, Mass Effect, Witcher, etc)

Paint .net 

Once again, not strictly gaming related, but very useful anyway. It’s basically a better MS Paint and a worse Photoshop/Illustrator. Comes in handy.

Any Antivirus

Okay, I don’t care how ‘clean’ your computer is; sooner or later someone will try to scam you. The scammer will often have bad grammar and spelling, unconvincing responses, and a generally “hey, I’m a scammer” attitude. But sooner or later, one will slip by you, so you should be prepared. The best free one I know of is Avast, though comments may have some better ideas.

OBS Studio

OBS Studio is the best free recording software, but for some reason, no one knows about it from advertising; it seems to spread only through word-of-mouth. I don’t know if that’s a marketing decision or if the competitors just don’t want people to know about it, but I can’t recommend it enough. There are no watermarks, it can record and stream in 4K, and is fairly simple to use.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

What is the best secret call recording app on Android and IPhone

Ever had one of those phone calls that you wish you could have recorded and stored for posterity? Either as evidence or simply as a memory? I'm sure you have. Well, people often wonder what is the best means of recording phone calls. In this article, I shall describe the top 10 best spy call recorders with which you can record any phone calls discreetly. Not only that, I shall also describe a spy call recorder with which you can tap into others' phone conversations and record them! So if you ever had any suspicions about a cheating spouse or a lying child, here's your chance to figure out what they talk about and to whom on the other end of the line.

Please read on for the top 10 spy call recorders to look out for in 2018.


Spyzie is an easy to use call spy solution you could go for. It is completely non-detectable because it doesn't require the target phone to be jail-broken or root and it helps you not only record your own phone calls but also gain complete access to others' phone calls. On top of that, it also has a bunch of other features that can help you with your spying capacities.

Spyzie call recorder for android
Spyzie call recorder for android


  • GPS Tracking system to keep track of the whereabouts of your children or spouses.
  • Browsing history and bookmarks are revealed. This is mostly perfect for parents who want to shelter their children from the more unsavory and inappropriate aspects of the internet.
  • A complete list of contacts is revealed.
  • Complete access to phone gallery, in order to see whats coming in, going out, or whats being deleted. Employers can use this to make sure that their employees aren't sending out inappropriate messages, images, or videos during work hours. And parents can use it to ensure that their teenagers aren't engaging in sexting activities with strangers, an epidemic in this day and age.


Spyzie is a no-jailbreak and no-root solution. Most tools and software require you to jailbreak or root the phone of your target to access information. However, Spyzie provides you with the access ID and passwords to the target phone so that you can access it directly without anyone sensing that something is wrong.
The aspect in which it goes beyond the features of the other spy call recorders is that with it you can record the calls of other phones easily and gain access to them. Most other spy call recorders can only help you record your own conversations with other people.
Free basic account available. The prices of the premium subscriptions are also very competitive.

Monthly subscription: $9.99.

Quarterly subscription: $19.99.

Yearly subscription: $59.99.

Call Recorder

Call Recorder Pro is an extremely light and easy-to-use spy call recorder which is applicable with both Android and iPhone. This tool can help you record calls, save those conversations, and even share them. It is compatible with Dropbox, and it is passcode activated so only you can access the recordings.

call recorder
call recorder


Enable/Disable call recording.
Record phone calls easily.
Lock recorded files to prevent auto-cleaning.
Share recorded items by access to Dropbox.


Requires only 1.1 MB of space.
Free app.


Limited features.
Certain users complain of poor recording quality.


iPadio is a slightly more complex spy call recorder app meant solely for iOS versions 5.1 and later. This is a free app which was originally meant just to be an audio recording app. This is a great tool to record audio files and share them on social media. However, when it comes to tapping into phone calls, the process is slightly more complex.

You need to go to the home page and tap on the Call/Record button at the bottom of the screen. A call will be sent to iPadio, and you'll be asked for your PIN. Upon entering your PIN you'll be able to add a phone number, which will then be called and recorded.

ipadio call recorder for android
ipadio call recorder for android


Can record calls.
Can record other audio files.
Can share audio files over social media.


Is slightly multi-purpose.



Automatic Call Recorder

Automatic Call Recorder is made specifically for Android users. With this tool, you can easily record calls, edit them, save them, and even upload them to the cloud because of Google Drive and Dropbox compatibility. With this app, you can select whether you'd like to record all calls with those in your contacts, or record all calls with those, not in your contacts, and if you get the paid version, you can custom set which calls you'd like to record and which you'd like to ignore. However, in certain devices, the voice recording quality might be considered weak.

automatic callrecorder

Call Log Pro

Call Log Pro is another exclusive iOS spy call recorder app. This app can only record calls that have been made by you. As soon as you punch the numbers and hit Call, the app would start recording the call. It also comes with other limitations, such as the fact that you can only record up to 2 minutes for free, after which you'll be charged $1.23 for 5 minutes and $4.99 for up to half an hour. It is thus quite expensive and limited in features, however, it keeps all the recordings in a private server so you can be assured of complete safety.

call log pro for recorder


RMC is another easy-to-use and free Android spy call recorder app. Like most other spy call recorder apps on this list, this too is capable of recording phone conversations, and you can select which conversations you'd like to record or ignore. Its most notable feature is the Dropbox and Google Drive sync. It takes up only 3.4 MB and comes in several different languages.

TapeACall Pro

TapeACall Pro is another extremely complex spy call recorder app that only works in iOS version 6.0 or later. It comes in a diverse set of languages as well such as Romanian and Czech, and due to the sheer complexity of its features, it takes up 16.4 MBs. While it doesn't come with a diverse range of features in terms of tapping external phone conversations, it is a great tool for recording your own phone calls both incoming and outgoing. Most other spy call recorder apps on this list can only record outgoing calls. After recording you can even share them over email, Dropbox, or transfer the contents to an external drive. However, all these features come at the cost of $9.99.

TapeACall Pro download now

Hidden Auto Call Recorder

Hidden Auto Call Recorder is a spy call recorder app with which you can discreetly record both incoming and outgoing calls made to or from your phone. It's a reliable and easy-to-use free app. It also comes with various different audio formats in which to record the file, and you can choose which contacts to always record calls from.

Hidden Auto Call Recorder

Call Recording

Call Recording is a free iOS spy call recorder app that can be used to record both incoming and outgoing calls. It is very easy to set up as well. It simply asks for your number and email address, providing which you'll be given a PIN number. You can use the PIN to record calls, and after the conversation is recorded, the file will immediately be sent to your email address. You can even opt for the recording to be transcribed.

Phone Tap

Phone Tap is yet another spy call recorder app that can only record outgoing calls. While the recording itself is straightforward and clear, you can only record up to 20 minutes of a conversation, and that too comes with the price tag of $4.99. However, it takes up only 0.8 MB of memory, so that's a pro. However, calling this a 'spy' call recorder app is quite a stretch because once you start recording the conversation, the person on the other end of the line will be notified of it. This is done to avoid any legal issues, however, in this case, it proves to be a drawback.

These are some of the best spy call recorder apps you might wanna' look out for in the coming year. Now you have all the power you need to record all those phone conversations you'd either like to preserve or use later. However, our personal recommendation amongst all the spy call recorder apps is Spyzie as it has the most diverse range of features, and it can even record and tap into external phone calls, whereas the others can only record your own phone calls.

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Earn money with Ring ID app for free

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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Best old Version of Facebook Messenger

Today i will show you facebook messenger features and its version for all the android phones even updates multiple times facebook messenger is a application for video calling and voip calls managing for facebook account user.

Straight to go without any extra talks this version of facebook messenger has every features that you need like 

  • No messenger ads 
  • Hd voice calls 
  • Multiple login
  • and header site user interface 
  • Old layout style
 you can save you messenger below click


For using this version of facebook messenger just go to your Google play store and disable auto updates.
Then you can use this easily or if you don't do this your version of facebook messenger will auto updates and its so annoying for every user.

version of facebook messenger if not available on above link please comment and you can also search on Google for it.  

Friday, May 25, 2018

NetCut Download Old Version for PC free

NetCut is an answer this is helping you to admin your network based only on ARP protocol. it can execute several responsibilities as list IP-MAC table in seconds, turn off & on the community on any laptop for your LAN inclusive of any tool like router or switcher. also, NetCut can protected users from ARP SPOOF assaults.
NetCut is very clean to use. You need simply one click to defend user computer function.
It is straightforward in recent times to proportion your broadband net reference to your friends and associates. All you need is a router wherein all computer systems may be connected thru cable or wireless password secured. And in case you do it you need to think about the community management to be able to keep away from the exceptional small hassle that can occur if one on the LAM participants is trying to abuse the bandwidth. How should he do it? the use of P2P to switch huge files, to watch high definition streaming films or to play video games in forestall.
however, the desirable news is already right here as you may use Netcut – an antique fashion conventional, but clean to apply the solution. With Netcut you'll be in a position to properly manipulate such activities and manage your community the use of ARP protocol. simply start this little utility and also you’ll be able to list all MAC addresses for all computers, to turn them on or off or to switch on/off the router or the transfer.
furthermore, Netcut it an excellent protection answer for ARP spoof attacks – so you can stay far away from those sort of assaults.

Netcut works with all home windows variations, starting with XP. we've to mention also that this answer is unfastened. We strongly endorse you to use it well and to no longer abuse its abilities.

what is new in version 2.1.four:

help windows 7 64 bit. the motive force and installation package has been upgraded. tested operating under home windows 7 each 32 bit and 64 bit OS.
help change MAC address on any adapter, such as wireless. info at the way to change MAC
assist Clone MAC address from any computer that NetCut monitored.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Download Tally.ERP 9 the Latest Version of 2018

Tally ERP 9 is a official indian coumpany software maded for store keeping work also you can 
Tally Erp 9 Latest Version 4.9 Free Download manage your funds and data to ensure work is keep well and you don't forget any thing that's lost from you and your related store because every click shows you give to these person or not they give you back or not all these problems all in one solution in Tally ERP 9 solutions 

Watch tutorials if you don't know how to use Tally ERP 9 

By using this software WARNING buy premium its better don't go for crack its damage your data

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Explaindio #1 Download Animation White Board Video Maker Software

Explaindio Download Animation And White Board Video Maker Software 

explaindio premium free full version

The #1 Animation, Doodle sketch, and motion Video creation software. a way to Create attention-grabbing professional-searching 2d & three-D advertising, Explainer & training films in only mins! marketers, trainers & Communicators Who consider Explaindio. Richard Fairbairn. Founder stimulated smooth LTD. Cindy Donovan.

Qualities of Explaindio 

  • Make Ultra HD whiteboard videos 
  • Get FREE images with a pixabay account
  • you can work online as well as offline
  • many features premium fonts and shapes
  • customize pre-made video 
  •  many hands for video features men's women child and rather aged group available
explaindio download 3.0 full version

Video has grown to be the maximum powerful manner for corporations and entrepreneurs to sell & interact with their target audiences online.
but this isn't pretty much having a video.
The video is a web reflection of your business and visitors choose your enterprise based totally on enjoy from watching your video.
All it takes for your visitor to shrink back from your internet site all the time is a horrific first effect as a result of a non-appealing video.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Internet Download Manager (IDM) Latest Version Download 2018

Download Internet manager version 6.30 construct 8

 Internet download manager introduced home windows 10 compatibility. constant compatibility problems with extraordinary browsers including internet Explorer 11, all Mozilla Firefox variations as much as Mozilla Firefox Aurora, Google Chrome. stepped forward FLV grabber to save films from internet gamers on web pages, Google Video, MySpace tv, and different famous web sites

idm 2018 latestt download

What’s new in version 6.30 construct 8
1. constant a vital safety malicious program
2. constant insects

IDM) is a tool to increase down load speeds through as much as 5 times, resume and time table downloads. comprehensive errors restoration and resume capability will restart damaged or interrupted downloads due to misplaced connections, community troubles, pc shutdowns, or sudden power outages. simple picture consumer interface makes IDM consumer friendly and easy to apply.internet down load supervisor has a smart download logic accelerator that features shrewd dynamic record segmentation and secure multipart downloading era to boost up your downloads. not like other down load managers and accelerators internet down load manager segments downloaded files dynamically during down load manner and reuses available connections with out extra join and login ranges to reap fine acceleration overall performance.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Telenor Weekly Call Packages OnNet and OffNet

Telenor is leading number one telecommunication company in Pakistan and foreign countries also here we'll tell you about weekly call packages of telenor.

So, here i would like to tell you 2 types of packages are here Number One is Off-Net packages.

Whats Off-Net packages? 

In this pack you can call to other networks like zong, ufone, jazz etc. 

Telenor Weekly Off-Net Package Details 

Telenor 3 Din Sahulat Offer provides you complete usage solution for three days, call to your loved ones to another network just subscribe once and enjoy on-net calls, off-net calls, SMS and Internet. 

Telenor Weekly Call Packages OnNet and OfNet

3 Din Sahulat Offer Off-Net

 Price                                    Rs. 40.00+Tax 
On net Minutes                     250 Minutes 
Off-net Minutes                                   25  
Validity                                   3 Days 
SMS In this pack                   limited 250 
For subscription                     Dial:*5*3#
More In This Pack Extra
50MB Internet along with 100MB for WhatsApp, Twitter & Facebook 

 Telenor On-Net Haftawar Sahulat Offer

Telenor Weekly Call Packages OnNet and OfNet

Everything you need stay With telenor long talk in touch with your loved ones in one amazing offer subscribe now!
Price                        Rs 95.00+Tax
On net                             1000 Min
Off net                                 70 Min
Validity                                7 Days
SMS                                   700
Extra In this Pack you will get by Subscribing 
              100MB internet along with 350MB Social Pack
                      For Subscribing Dial              *5*7#

Thanks for Reading Subscribe Us by news Feed Inbox

Saturday, April 14, 2018

WhatsApp groups links for Jobs Seeker's Latest 2018


WhatsApp groups links



jobs in Karachi
BPO Jobs
Mechanical Engineers Jobs
Electrical job
Civil Engineering Jobs
IC Engineering Jobs
Environment Engineers Jobs
Accounts job
Bank Jobs
Engineering Jobs

Friday, April 13, 2018

Tekken 7 Tier List Best Characters

Tekken 7 tier table updated according to its best playing list and powers that are developed by owners 

Pro Player Tier Lists Used
Ao’s Tier List
Rage’s Tier List
Tsubomi's Tier List

S-Tier    Steve – Hwoarang
A-Tier    Marshall Law – King – Bryan – Kazuya
B-Tier    Heihachi – Devil Jin – Xiaoyu – Dragunov – Feng – Bob – Kazumi – Akuma – Nina
C-Tier    Paul – Leo – Alisa – Lars – Shaheen – Jin – Lili –    Yoshimitsu – Claudio
D-Tier    JACK-7 – Josie
F-Tier    Asuka – Lucky – Gigas
S-Tier  The Best
F-Tier  The Weakest

Tekken 7 man or woman listing

there is a total of 37 playable Characters in Tekken 7, with 10 New Characters becoming a member of the roster for the reason that Tekken 6. one of that's a visitor from every other fighting game franchise, Akuma from road Fighter can be playable.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

iTunes Download x32 x64 for PC

Today we'll guide you to how to download iTunes for you system and also what requirements you need learn below 

iTunes download
iTunes download

How to download iTunes for your PC 

iTunes is apple company limited software for users to maintenance your Iphone and other things that's we need with our phone like installing a DVD album of songs and special tasks so here we tell you the things what we need and how to download Itunes.


  •  pc with a 1GHz Intel or AMD processor with aid for SSE2 and 512MB of RAM
  • To play wellknown Definition video from the iTunes keep, an Intel Pentium D or quicker processor, 512MB of RAM, and a DirectX suited video card is needed.
  • To play 720p HD video, an iTunes LP, or iTunes Extras, a 2.0GHz Intel middle 2 Duo or faster processor, 1GB of RAM, and an Intel GMA X3000, ATI Radeon X1300, or NVIDIA GeForce 6150 or higher is required.
  • To play 1080p HD video, a 2.4GHz Intel center 2 Duo or faster processor, 2GB of RAM, and an Intel GMA X4500HD; ATI Radeon HD 2400; NVIDIA GeForce 8300 GS or better is required.
  • display resolution of 1024x768 or greater; 1280x800 or greater is needed to play an iTunes LP

iTunes Extras

  • sixteen-bit sound card and speakers
  • internet connection to use Apple music, the iTunes store, and iTunes Extras
  • iTunes-like minded CD or DVD recorder to create audio CDs, MP3 CDs, or backup CDs or DVDs. Songs from the Apple song catalog cannot be burned to a CD.


  • windows 7 or later
  • 64-bit variations of home windows require the iTunes sixty four-bit installer
  • 400MB of available disk area
  • some 1/3-celebration visualizers may also now not be well suited with this model of iTunes. Please contact the developer for an updated visualizer this is well matched with iTunes 12.1 or later
  • Apple track, iTunes keep, and iTunes healthy availability may additionally vary through country
  • Apple song trial calls for signal-up and is available for brand spanking new subscribers most effective. Plan automatically renews after trial or later

itunes download